Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

I am travelling down memory lane right now, all brought on by picking up a Prom tux for the moody teen! The walk is a long one because I am going all the way back to the last time he wore a tux and I realize he was 2, the same age as the little diva, and now he is 16 soon to be 17! I am feeling rather nostalgic looking at my precious angel faced boy who no longer even resembles that sweet little boy in the white tux!

The occasion was the wedding of my niece and the moody teen and his second cousin were ring bearer and flower girl! It was so much fun to dress him in the little white tux, complete with tails! He was more than willing to allow his mommy to have fun getting him ready! He was (and still is) quite the ham and loved being the center of attention, which he was most of the time.

My son was the newest grandchild at the time and his cousin, the bride, was a Junior in High School when the moody teen came into the world! You can just imagine how spoiled he was by everyone in the family being the youngest and all! Anyway, even though it was a wedding, he was still the center of attention and looked so cute doing it!!

Where has the time gone? It really does seem like just yesterday that he was running around playing with sticks and boxes and creating lots of things with paper and glue! Don't get me wrong, the kid had every toy known to man but preferred to be creative and use his imagination during play times! He gets that from me! Ha!

The really strange thing to me is that many of our loved ones who were at the wedding are no longer with us...... my Mom, my Dad and my sister (mother of the bride) have all passed on. My other sister is in Colorado and my brother is currently serving in Afghanistan so I rarely ever see them. I miss them and I know the moody teen misses them terribly as they were some of his main spoilers and he was especially close to my Mom and sister!

It really is hard to believe that 14 almost 15 years have flown by and the time just keeps on-a-marchin'!

The photos today were not taken by me! These are some of the wedding photos featuring the moody teen and his second cousin all dressed up and looking so adorable! If you want to see the moody teen in his Prom tux, you will have to come back for Silent Sunday or maybe Not So Silent Sunday, depending on my mood! I promise he looks so handsome in his Prom tux that you won't want to miss it!

Have a great weekend!!


I am Harriet said...

The best part of course was the picture below your post "you mught like these stories" featured the "A call from the band locker" story.

Yep they grow up too fast sometimes.

Tammy said...

What a little cutie he is in his tux. I'm looking forward see him now in his tux.

Lin said...

Doesn't it all just fly by? He looks so cute there and I can hardly wait to see the prom photos. I'm glad he is going.

Memories Of Mine said...

Time flys, it scares me that one day all too soon I know my kids will be heading out into the wrold for themselves. Ok.. it's still 9 years away but really does time fly!!

Enjoy the Prom.


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