Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hate hackers and other stupid people!

I just need to vent and move on with my life! I am on Face Book with lots of great people from my past and some new friends too and now there is this worm out there and I got it! It came as an email from a long lost friend (she had no idea it was sent), but turns out it was from a hacker who used her email and pic to forward this worm to her friends list so now I am cleaning up a mess on my computer! I would really love to trash this one and get a new one but there are no funds in my economy for that! I am stuck because I need the computer for my business! You really can't do digital photography without a computer, so what's a girl to do? So to hackers and virus creators I say this: GET A LIFE AND USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE FOR THE FORCE! COME OUT OF YOUR CAVE AND YOUR COMPUTERS AND MOUNTAINS OF UNDONE LAUNDRY AND TAKEOUT CONTAINERS AND BECOME A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY OR YOU CAN JUST CHOKE ON YOUR GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN AND ROT IN...............

OK I am done with this tirade but you have to keep in mind this is the 2nd time this has happened to me in the last three months!!! UGH!!

The pic at the top of the post was taken by Zach and converted to black and white, while my eyes were left alone and YES, this is my natural eye color! The b & w just makes it pop not to mention that makeup helps in this area too! Have a great day and watch out for hackers and other stupid people!


I am Harriet said...

That sucks that someone did that. Good thing it wasn't worse on your system.

Nice pic.


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