Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beauty & The Beast

This is the beast of which I speak, his name is Boo and he is infatuated with the diva. He loves to play with her and chase her around the yard.

He will follow her anywhere! That is until he gets too hot and decides he needs to find a cool place to relax!
I think he is just looking for a treat but they do have fun together!! The diva considers this little bull dog her friend and is always heading towards Boo's house when we are out playing! He just moved into the neighborhood with his owner.

Notice the wrench in the diva's right hand? She was playing in the garage with daddy before her new friend walked by and caught her attention!

Wow, where has the time gone? This is my 305th post since September 11, 2008 when this whole thing got started! Who knew that this would be so addicting? Who knew that I would make some great friends? Who knew I would be getting paid to blog? The answer to all of these is: NOT ME! Ha! Thanks to all of my wonderful bloggy buddies and faithful readers!! You rock!

Lots of photography going on today at church! I have been hired to photograph a baby dedication complete with a family photo and an Ordination! Should be a great day!


Lin said...

Oh, that little guy is adorable! I can see why she loves him.

Lola said...

They are so cute together!

Congrats on 305!

Unknown said...

Oh sweet those photos are.

I just love her polka dotted dress:)

Michelle said...

What a wonderful friendship the two of them have. So very sweet. We have two dogs that my little one just adores. They're her best friends too. I love the last black and white picture. So sweet watching them play. Jo, thanks so much for your sweet words today. You're an awesome blog friend. I sooo... appreciate your support and your words of wisdom.


Memories Of Mine said...

That’s funny usually it the kid chasing the dog not the dog chasing the kid.
They do make a cute and photographic pair.


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