Friday, June 12, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt!

I was prepared!! I had scoped out my target and I knew I had to be ready to pounce and scratch and claw, but only if necessary! I planned my route and knew where to park! I was ready and my eyes were all a glow with the thought of the prize that would soon be mine........OK, the diva's!

I got the diva up and changed and made sure I had plenty of cash and we left the house with sippy full ready for the hunt! She was not happy about being up early but she caught on soon enough! Off we went but when we reached out final destination, the prize was no where to be found! Disappointment overtook me when I realized that early was not early enough!! AAAAAAAAHHH!

Deep breath...........heavy sigh..........Oh well, let's look anyway! I did find two beautiful knitted blankets to use as photography props, so all was not lost! Baby chunka munka ended up with a new doll outfit and the diva got a small apple bucket (she was excited because it was like one at Papa's that she wanted so badly)!

There was no clawing, no scratching and no hard sought prize!! So just what was this elusive prize that I was after? Well according to Brian Williams and the NBC Nightly News, it was only the best selling car of 2008 selling 457,000 units topping the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord and is being inducted into an auto museum located in Cleveland! Give up? It is the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe and the diva has been in love with it for over a year now!!

I will find one! I don't when or where but I promise she will have one this summer!!

Happy Hunting to you all!!


Tammy said...

What fun! I love going to garage sales. When my boys were same all the toys came from garage sales and we had 3 Little Tikes cozy coupe. You will find it, it may take a lot of garage sales.

Memories Of Mine said...

You are not going to beleive this but we have one!! It lives at nanna's house and is getting to small for my kids. If I lived closer, I'd give it to you :(


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