Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreary Day by the Diva

I'm baaaack! Yup, I know you all missed me soooooo much and I missed you too! It is raining here today so Mommy says there will be no pool, unless the sun should happen to come out! Otherwise I will be helping her edit photos and do laundry and stuff! I like to help but Mommy keeps saying that she hopes I remember the joy of helping when I am a teen ager like bubby! Not likely, but she can hope!

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of bubbles!! They are so much fun! I just love to chase them and pop them! I usually end up all soapy so I either get to play with the hose next or I get a tubby, either way, I win!! Ha! Mommy got some cool pictures the bubbles and Daddy and Me! She got some really funny pictures of Daddy that she will share later! Ha!

Mommy made me a cool new tutu! It is so pretty and bright with ribbon on it! She also made me some new flower head bands that are beautiful! She and bubby are going to take me out for a photo shoot shoon! I will get to wear all my new stuff that my Mommy made me! She likes to make me stuff and I get to help her do it! I don't get to use scissors or the hot glue gun because Mommy says I am not old enough yet, but someday!

Time to help Mommy with the floors!!! Hey, here comes the sun!!!!!! Maybe I will get to go swimming afterall!! Have a fun day!

The Diva


Lin said...

Is it even warm enough by you to go swimming??? Not here! We're at barely 70 degrees. Brrrrr...

Unknown said...

It is so so hot here that swimming even when it's cloudy is a welcome relief. I love those pictures... Diva looks like she's having so much fun.


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