Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Walk To Remember

Yup, that is the name of a book and a movie by Nicholas Sparks but it also takes me back in time to the walks that I will always remember! You know, memory is a funny thing........some memories get pushed into the dark recesses of our brain never to be seen again and other memories can be brought to the surface by the tiniest of triggers!

My trigger, you ask? A strawberry!! I was cutting strawberries for shortcake and ice cream topping the other day when I got to thinking back to when I was 6 or 7 years old and we would go for walks around the country mile with my sister Marcia's friend, Randi! My brother and I liked Randi and always had fun with her during these little jaunts! While walking we would look for wild asparagus and wild strawberries, we always made it home with some if we didn't eat them all first!! This was how Randi got her name! We called her Strawberry Randi, and I still do to this day even though she has grown daughters and grand kids of her own!

These walks are times that I hold very dear in my memory and I got to thinking about what special memories I am making with the darling diva that I love so much! There is the growing of our beloved tomato plants for the second year! She loves tomatoes and taking care of the plants is something special, just for her and I! Then there are the craft projects that result in handmade tutus and hair pretties! There are trips to the pool and the Scoville Zoo in Decatur and just going for long walks that always end at Twisty Treats for an ice cream cone! In the long run she will not remember the countless toys that I have bought her or all the pretty clothes that she wears but what she will remember is that I cared enough about her to invest my time in her 100%! She may not remember the tutu or the hair pretties until she is reminded by a photo that we worked together to make these things and that she was a part of it all!

What are you passing on to your children? What will they remember 20 years from now? Kind of makes you think, huh?


Lin said...

It's not what you buy them, but the time you spend with them that they always remember. They never say "remember when I got this or that?" , it's always "remember when we went to...or when we did....".


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