Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wonder Pets Save the Baby Hawk

OK, so the Wonder Pets are the knight and the diva and the baby hawk was trapped in our fireplace for a little over 24 hours! Yup, some of you saw the tweets about this little visitor and if you didn't, no biggie because nothing exciting really happened! Unless, of course, you count the dogs going crazy as this little creature tried desperately to escape his accidental prison!!

After our little friend found his way down our chimney I called the knight to inform him of our new guest and he laughed!! His first thought was to let it die and then get it out but about 24 hours later he felt sorry for the poor thing!! The diva kept saying that he was thirsty and missed his momma, so Saturday afternoon (in the middle of a movie) the knight finally decided to try to free the little guy with the help of a cloth diaper and some open doors!

When he opened the fireplace doors our little guest was in shock so the knight gently picked him up with the cloth diaper and took him outside. He was in shock but eventually took to the friendly skies to find his home. Lola advised that a cat in the chimney would take care of the bird but I was not about to climb onto the roof to drop a cat down there! LOL! Anyhoo, we are back to the normal menagerie of pet plus a bull frog tadpole that is sprouting his legs!!

The moody teen had a very rough night last night and is not doing much better today! Please keep him in your prayers!!


I am Harriet said...

Never a dull moment....

Who stands up on a double decker bus going under a viaduct?

Lola said...

Hey, I bet the cat down the chimney would have worked. Only problem is, then you'd have a cat stuck in the chimney. How do you get a cat out of the chimney?

I hope your son is feeling better soon.

Rachele Bennett said...

Wow. I bet it's a good thing you left him there for a while, otherwise you may still be trying to catch him.

Hope MT gets to feeling better soon.

Sandi said...

glad you got it out. I love the pics.

Tammy said...

That was very kind of you guys to get it out safe and free it.

Lin said...

Always throw a towel over a bird--it calms them.

Hope your son is okay. It's hard to be a teen, you know. I think it's harder today more so than ever.

Oh! Happy tadpole! Just the hind legs so far?? It will take awhile yet. Make sure it has algae to eat--that's what they eat. Once he has arms, he won't need food-he'll start to absorb his tail and that is his food.

Look at me--doing the mother frog thing! If you have any questions, I'm kinda a tadpole-keeping expert.


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