Friday, June 5, 2009

I ♥ Faces Fix it Friday

Here is the original.

Here is my edit.

I usually do not participate in Fix it Fridays at I ♥ Faces but since I was going to talk about my new toy I thought I would participate just for the heck of it! Isn't this little face adorable!

Now for my new toy.............................Lightroom 2, yup I bit the bullet and man am I so glad I did because my trial was going to be up soon and I knew that I did not want to be without this program!! All the changes to this photo were done in LR 2! Pretty cool huh? I cannot say enough about the program! For me it is a money maker and there are 1,000 of free presets that you can download!! I spent last night find and downloading the presets that I found and I am loving it!! I even learned how to write my own presets so I will be trying some and sharing them with you later!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Suburban Girl said...

Yay for your and your new toy! Have fun! And I do like the fix too!

Jewel said...

Great job :) I see you're getting the hang of that new toy already

AJ said...

Awesome job!

Lin said...

Oooh, a new toy!! When do you find the time to learn it all?? I have had PSE7 for a month now and have yet to open the book I bought for it. Ugh.

Melanie said...

I love Lightroom! You made my little boy look so adorable. :)

Unknown said...

wow, i love that fix~~~

Lola said...

Very cool!

Alice said...

awesome! it looks like he is in the spotlight :O) and it's great! i'll be following your pictures to see how lightroom is working for you. i've been interested in it myself :O)

i have my edit posted, too. feel free to critique and give me some suggestions if you want. i am looking for helpful pointers! thanks :O)

Sid said...

Lightroom = great and easy fixes!

I love my toy as well, great job... i like the focus/lighting on his eyes

please take a look at my edits and let me know what you think {all pointers/tips welcome}

Memories Of Mine said...

Wow what a transformation. I only have lightreoom 1 and dont use it that much. Find it pointless as it doesn't do anything photoshop can't.

Maybe I should try lightroom 2.


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