Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Diva Reviews Piggy Paint

I love to have mommy paint my toenails! I especially love bright pink piggies! The other day we got a package that had some pretty blue polish with a pig on it, mommy said it was from and that we were going to try it out and then write about it here on the blog! Cool for me since I love painted nails!

First mommy took my old polish off with the Piggy Paint Polish Remover and I really didn't mind because it did not smell bad like the stuff she uses. Well she actually said it was "natural as mud" and it is non-toxic, odorless and kid-friendly! Perfect for me!

Piggy Paint is water-based, environmentally friendly and made right here in the United States of America! Mommy says that these are very important things but I just like all the bright colors that I know mommy will order for me at!

OK, so here is the best part for you: a 15% discount and your chance to win a $20 gift code to! I wish I could win but since I am the Tiniest Editor for Sited and Blogged I am not allowed but I am telling you that the job has lots of perks! First, the discount code is: CONTEST15L and is good at until August 15, 2009. Now for the free part, just go on over to The Contest Hub after you visit and leave a comment as to what you would use the $20 gift code for! Make sure that you leave us a way to contact you! The contest will run through July 6, 2009 when the winner will be chosen by!

Wow, that was a lot for my 2 year old brain to spit out but everyone always tells me how smart I am and I guess they are right! Now, you be smart and go to and then to The Contest Hub to enter to win!

The Diva


Unknown said...

I read about piggypant on someone's blog quite awhile ago and was thinking I would love to try this on my two youngest girls. My middle daughter loves to get her nails polished. I'm surprised she hasn't brought it up this week... I hope she doesn't see this post. LOL

I guess I'll head on over and check it out. Thanks for distracting me with this, little Diva! :D Oh, btw, tell your mommy that I'm waiting to see a picture of how your little toes turned out with the new nail polish.


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