Thursday, June 4, 2009

This N That

Meet baby Chunka Munka (being hugged by the diva)! This is her favorite baby of all time! The knight and I got it for her for her first Christmas and this is the go to doll for the diva! Her name comes from the little man that I watched for 6 weeks! He was pleasingly plump as all babies should be and I affectionately called him chunka munka and the diva picked up on that to name her own baby! Too funny! First she imitates me taking pictures and now in the naming of her favorite baby!

The moody teen is working at the animal shelter this morning so you know he is feeling better but he is still swollen a lot!! He just texted me some adorable pictures of some beagles that are at the shelter! I feel bad for them so here is my plea to you: if you are looking for a pet please go to your local animal shelter! You will probably find the perfect pet for your family and you will give an animal a second chance at life!

Other things on the agenda today may include taking the knights dad to the doctor but we are still waiting for that call to see if we are needed or not! We are just glad to be able to help him out any way we can! If we are not needed then it will most likely be a day at the park since it will probably be to chilly for the pool today but who knows!

Well, the diva is calling for fresh milk so I am off! Have a great day!


Mamí♥Picture said...

Diva looks PRECIOUS with Chunka Munka, my oldest son "Big Jr." also has a teddy bear named "Bruno" He loves Bruno!, one time he lost it at the Airport, I remember he being so sad cause Bruno was gone. We looked for him everywhere but nothing. Two weeks later Bruno arrived with a Beautiful note; He left him in the plane and the Pilot was so kind to mail him back and he add it a pin on Bruno's chest.

Michelle said...

She looks so sweet in this picture. Love those pig tails. Wish my little one liked dolls. She's more into animals. I'm jealous your son works at the animal shelter. That's my dream job. I'm such a sucker for animals. I'd take them all home if I could. At one point I had three dogs in my house. Now, we just have two dogs, a chincilla and two fish. I guess I've cut back in my old age. LOL! Thanks for stopping by today.



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