Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog Hoax Perpetuated on "Community" of Bloggers!

Here is my question: are we as bloggers just overly trusting and compassionate as we assist our "community" or are we just plain stupid,oops I mean gullible? I will let you be the judge! You can read it here at the Are we so eager to believe that we help someone perpetuate a lie?

All I know is, I was caught up in it just like thousands of other bloggers! I invested my time and prayers for this little one and her family and now I am told it was not real and the author was just caught up in the number of hit her blog was receiving each day! I feel used and I am a little angry that someone I don't know would toy with my emotions! My prayer is that she will understand what she has done and come out with a public apology, that is the least that she can do!


Tim said...

This was so terribly sad. I have fogiven her and hope that others will do the same.

Love and Prayers,


Memories Of Mine said...

That’s Terrible, but the people sending hate mail are just as bad as she is. Really there is no reason. She lied and she may have had people fooled but it sounds like she told a good story. I don’t know if she asked for gift or people sent them to her of their own accord. Like in real life sometime people pretend to be something they are not.

Unknown said...

I didn't follow the blog, but I do remember hearing something about April Rose. Did you post about her before? Well, in any event, she may need some grief counseling regarding the son she lost which seemed to "cause" this entire thing to happen. It's unfortunate that she lied to people and I hope she is truly sorry. Everyone will need to forgive her for their own good.

Unknown said...



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