Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun by The Diva

I just love summer!! I think it is my favorite time of the year because of sun, sand, water, bubbles, painted toes, ice cream and my new favorite thing........Popsicles!! Mommy buys the fruit kind with no sugar but they sure are yummy to my tummy!! Daddy and I can go through a whole box in a day! They are perfect on a hot day!! The photos today are all about that icy treat that I love so much!!

In other exciting news, I am getting a car!! Yup, Mommy used her blog money to buy me the car of my dreams (that is until I turn 16 and want one with a motor)! It should be here this week and I cannot wait to take it for a spin around the neighborhood! Bubby is jealous but Mommy showed him pictures of his first car that he got when he was two! It was a red sports car with a battery! All he could say was OH!

We got to go to the Depot yesterday!! I always love to go there! Daddy was shopping for things to finish the bathroom that he started the day I was born! Ha! He has been working on the room for over 2 years now but he is ahead of our neighbor who took 7 years to complete his bathroom! We looked at new tubs, shower doors, lights and paint! Mommy has had the paint picked out for a while it is called Almond Toast (she saw it on HGTV or TLC when I was a baby). Mommy is excited because that will be one more room done plus the dog room will get done at the same time! This is a little room outside the bathroom that will have the cages for Zoe and Boscoe to sleep in.

Off to play again!

Hugs N Kisses,
The Diva


Mamí♥Picture said...

♥♥♥ DIVA congratulations ♥♥♥
on you new car!!!

Unknown said...

Now I want an ice pop.


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